Romantic / Comedy
100 Mins
Year of Production
Jac Schaeffer
Rikki Jarrett
Jac Schaeffer
Jennifer Glyn
Desmond Harrington
Emma Caulfield
John Patrick Amedori
Kali Rocha
Michelle Borth

In the near future, Internet dating sites are a thing of the past thanks to TiMER, a small digital counter implanted on the wrist which accurately displays the number of days until its wearer will meet their soulmate. True love with a guarantee? Not for Oona O’Leary who faces the rare dilemma of a blank TiMER, while her biological clock keeps ticking. After many unsuccessful attempts to capture TiMER-less men and get them to sign up to the programme, she meets Mikey, a charming young slacker musician. Unable to resist getting involved in another doomed relationship, she considers removing her TiMER until she meets her sister’s fiance and her TiMER begins to countdown ? What will happen between Oona and Mikey and what will happen between Oona her sister’s fiance? Only TiMER will tell.