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Jinga is pleased to announce a stonking new addition to this year’s FrightFest line up.


RUIN ME will receive its World Premiere screenings at FrightFest Discovery Screen, Cineworld Leicester Square on Saturday 26th of August at 6:30PM and Sunday 27th of August at 6:30PM.


Starring Marcienne Dwyer (Bad Girls), Matt Dellapina (Dirty 30), Chris Hill (The Dark Knight) and Eva Hamilton (BFF) the film tells the story of six strangers who sign up for a slasher movie re-enactment game in which they are dropped into the woods and pursued by a knife wielding maniac. But when the body count becomes real, Alexandra, the only participant who has never seen a horror film, must unravel the mystery of who is responsible if she wants to survive the ordeal.